The Ultimate Guide to Prospecting Audio Training Course

My new course for leading-edge prospecting techniques!

I've trained salespeople from all over the world - 24 different countries at last count.  And it seems that the biggest issue salespeople face, wherever they are in the world, is prospecting.  What today's salesperson needs is a set of consistent, controllable, time-efficient, and reliable techniques, tools, and processes for finding new prospects and getting in the door.  This program has them.  In fact it has all of the techniques that I've found to work!

This training course includes today's best, cutting-edge methods for generating new customers and prospects.  These methods have been proven to be successful by top salespeople around the world who have studied under me - and for the first time, they've been made accessible to individual salespeople through this training kit!  These techniques have been proven to work by salespeople all over the world, in multiple industries.  They'll work in YOUR industry, too!

Here's what you will learn from this amazing program!


  • Why data-driven teleprospecting is the best, and most controllable way, to generate fresh appointments that lead to new customers and new business.
  • How to build a database that can be targeted with as much or as little detail as you want, using FREE tools available through nearly any public library.
  • Phrases to avoid:  The call killers that end your chance at an appointment with a buyer.
  • Who to call:  How to find the decision maker BEFORE you call, and then target them with the right approach at the right time!
  • The telephone techniques that will consistently generate 1-2 new appointments per hour (minimum) on the phone!
  • How to create a telephone approach that will quickly get past the customer's "walls" by creating value from your first words!
  • How to use prime selling hours to your benefit to get more appointments when the customer's window is "open."
  • How to get 2-3 new qualified appointments in ONE HOUR per week using LinkedIn's FREE tools!  NOTE - this technique is so powerful that I recommend you use it for 2-3 hours a week, maximum!
  • A face to face cold calling technique that generates results!
  • And more!  EVERY METHOD I HAVE of effectively generating new prospects is in this program!

If you want more new customers, you need this program!

Take advantage of my Special Introductory Offer!  This program will regularly be $240, but be one of the first purchasers and get it at HALF OFF - For $120!

The Ultimate Guide to Prospecting Audio Training Course

Price: $240.00


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