The Unconventional Guide to Sales Management Success

Troy Harrison's Unconventional Guide to Sales Management Success is your toolkit and pathway to building a world class sales force!  Troy's methods have been proven successful in companies from coast to coast.  Troy's approach minimizes turnover, maximizes individual sales performance, and helps you build the kind of sales force that every company can be proud of!  This program consists of over 5 hours of instruction on 5 audio CD's - listen to it anywhere, even on the road! There is also a full companion textbook/workbook on an additional data CD.  Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the role of Sales Management
  • Assessing Your Team
  • Building Your Team with Smart Sales Hiring
  • Onboarding For Success
  • Producing Profitable Behavior Change through Coaching
  • Troubleshooting Sales Performance
  • Activity Management
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Managing For Accountability
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • And more!
  • Tools and necessary forms/templates are included in the Workbook

Consider this a mastery course in Sales Management on easily accessible audio, that you can take at any time.  To teach this class live would be over $10,000, but you can purchase this audio course for only $598!

This is the ideal course for:

  • Sales Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring Sales Managers

Don't settle for a middle of the road sales force, and don't be a middle of the road Sales Manager! Be a great one by ordering this course TODAY!

The Unconventional Guide to Sales Management Success

Price: $598.00


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