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Troy Harrison is a world-renowned sales speaker, trainer, consultant, and coach. As a speaker, he presents programs that audiences remember and contain immediately applicable lessons and tools that can be used the next day to make more sales. His training programs will help you sell more, build stronger customer relationships, achieve higher profits, and accelerate your company’s growth. As a consultant, he can help you build a stronger sales force, make better hires, reduce sales turnover, and build customer loyalty. His coaching programs will help you build a strong, profitable, high-growth sales force.

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Troy Harrison
troy harrison testimonial“I have listened to, studied, and coached hundreds of professional speakers and trainers. Troy Harrison is one of the most engaging content expert speakers I have seen in action. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker Troy needs to be on the top of your list. Your audience will be glad you did.”

Can Bitcoin Be a Selling Point?

Throughout 2017, anyone paying attention to financial markets has had to recognize that cryptocurrency carries some weight as a commodity. Specifically, Bitcoin soared the way only its staunchest advocates had ever predicted, rising from just under … Continue reading Can Bitcoin Be a Selling Point?

Prospecting: The Who, What, and Why

Prospecting.  Nearly all salespeople have to do it.  Few are good at it.  Fewer still like it.  It’s a conundrum, isn’t it?  In training salespeople from all around the world, I’ve found that prospecting – in … Continue reading Prospecting: The Who, What, and Why

What Can You Really Control?

I had a little lesson in “Control” recently.  I was on a flight that left Kansas City at Noon on a Thursday, bound for Chicago.  I was speaking at 9:30 the following morning in Chicago, so … Continue reading What Can You Really Control?

The Buying Process In Action

For thirteen years, I’ve been explaining that the customer’s buying process is far more important than any “sales process” we might create – and that, if we’re to be successful, our sales process absolutely must harmonize … Continue reading The Buying Process In Action

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