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When the Gatekeeper Lives

I’ve said for years that the ancient sales art of ‘schmoozing the gatekeeper’ is dead.  D-E-A-D, as in doornail.  And yet, I had a conversation the other day that reminded me that it is not, and … Continue reading When the Gatekeeper Lives

A Word Every Salesperson Should Know and Use

It happens nearly every seminar that I do.  During the question and answer session, a salesperson – many times a very good one – describes a situation where the customer is putting them through the proverbial … Continue reading A Word Every Salesperson Should Know and Use

What’s Your Self-Talk?

Today, I saw an interesting meme on Facebook.  Most Facebook memes are, of course, meaningless at worst and semi-humorous at best.  This one was pretty good, though.  It said, “You talk to yourself more than anyone … Continue reading What’s Your Self-Talk?

The Three Components of a Successful Relationship

We can see it all around us, every day.  Good relationships gone bad – whether personal, professional, networking, even romantic.  And many times, the people involved don’t know why.  Right now, you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, … Continue reading The Three Components of a Successful Relationship

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