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How To Use Social Media in Prospecting

Is there any part of selling that’s more talked about these days – or less understood – than social media?  Ever since Linkedin came on the scene, various trainers, consultants, and other assorted “experts” have been … Continue reading How To Use Social Media in Prospecting

Credibility – Your Stock in Trade

Recently, the news media, and even some of our government officials, have been agog about what they call “Fake News.”  In the current, working definition, “Fake News” is a story that has no basis in reality, … Continue reading Credibility – Your Stock in Trade

2017: Making the Decisions that Matter

What will your 2017 look like?  Right now, I’m willing to bet that everyone reading this has projected that 2017 will be your best year ever.  Me too.  I’m also willing to bet that by April … Continue reading 2017: Making the Decisions that Matter

Opportunity – a Non Renewable Resource

Back in 2011, as I was still trying to figure out this business of speaking at a national level, I came across a live program that promised to help me figure it out.  It was called … Continue reading Opportunity – a Non Renewable Resource

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