Sales Training Programs

Sell Like You Love It!

Your company has a great product.  You have a passion for your work and your customers – but do your salespeople have a passion for selling your product to your customers?  I love selling – and I want to impart that to your salespeople. Trained salespeople love to sell.  Do you want your salespeople to:

  • Be able to conduct effective outreach to new customers?
  • Ask incisive and powerful questions to more fully understand the customer’s needs and definition of success?
  • Create presentations that persuade?
  • Deal effectively with price?
  • And close business in such a way that the customer wins right along with you?

If that sounds like you, we should talk.  The salespeople that I train sell more, build stronger relationships, and retain customers far better than their competitors. Don’t be deceived by the myth that your company is “too small” to provide training.  There is no team too small, or too large, that they can’t gain from my sales training for individuals and teams.  I can provide targeted, outcome-based training on the topics below in increments from four hours to three days. Custom programs are also an option if you want to solve specific problems or address individual needs. My most popular courses are:

“Foundational Elements of Sales” Training:

My 2-day Foundational Sales Training Program gives salespeople the tools and techniques they need to succeed in today’s Internet-driven sales environment.  The truth is this – most sales training for individuals were written 20-30 years ago and hasn’t changed.  My training is updated constantly to reflect the evolution of selling.

Today’s buyer is smarter, more educated, more informed, and has more defense mechanisms than in the past.  Salespeople today need better tools and techniques to keep their buyers from activating those defense mechanisms.  “Comfortable Customers Buy” is my mantra, and it’s the reality of today’s salesperson.  This program is designed to keep customers comfortable – and buying.

Outcome: At the end of this program, salespeople will be equipped with the most current tools and techniques to find new customers, sell to them without triggering the customers’ defense mechanism, persuade and close more sales in a customer-friendly fashion, and ultimately turn those first sales into lifelong customer relationships.

“Advanced Sales Navigation” Training:

This 2-day course builds on the Foundational Elements training with by both advancing the techniques and tools from the Foundational Elements course, as well as introducing new and disruptive sales techniques that will help salespeople reach the elite level!  This program is designed for experienced salespeople who are committed to double-digit or even triple-digit sales growth.

This program is centered around my proven “Storyselling” technique that elevates sales to a new level that sets your salespeople apart from the crowd, makes you memorable, and generates quicker pull-through in the sales funnel, higher closing rates, and better customer relationships.  We add in curriculum on development selling and advanced relationship building, as well.

Outcome: At the end of this course, salespeople will sell at an elite level, using skills that both differentiate and disrupt for maximum impact, memorability, quicker close ratios, and higher prices and sales.

“Integrated Outreach” Training:

Classic prospecting isn’t dead – but it’s just one of the ways that you can generate a flow into your sales funnel. Today’s successful salesperson – or successful sales team – must integrate conventional prospecting with new methods of communication.  The methods of communication are myriad – telephone, text, email, social media, instant messaging, and new technologies and platforms are developed every day.  Do you know what to use and when to use it?

Many sales training programs can teach you how to USE these platforms.  This one will teach you how to MONETIZE them, through my proprietary and newly developed and proven methods.  That’s why this program is called “Integrated Outreach” rather than “Prospecting.”  This requires a different mindset and approach, which we teach in the program.

Outcome:  At the end of this program, salespeople will understand how to properly choose and prioritize their communication and outreach methods, discovering what works best for each customer and prospect, and turning these methods into real customers that make real purchases.  In short, salespeople will be able to generate more prospects than they ever have.

Sales Management Training:

The least talked about aspect of sales department development, and perhaps the most important, is having a skilled sales manager who can be a difference maker.  Sales managers need to be equipped with the skills and techniques to hire, engage, train, coach, develop, and hold their salespeople accountable.  Yet, most companies hire or promote a sales manager without doing any training.  Is it any wonder that the promotion from salesperson to sales manager has the highest fail rate in the business world?

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Even the right people for sales management can fail to reach their potential without the right skills development.  This program will give your sales manager(s) the tools that they need to positively impact their sales reps, their careers, and most importantly, your company’s results.

Outcome:  After going through this program, sales managers will be equipped to be difference makers.  They will work strategically, developing their salespeople’s skills and making them better than they thought they could be.  They will have lower turnover, better employee and customer relationships, and a much higher performance sales team.

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