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“We Grew Our Top Line Sales By 60% in 2014!”

At the root, training is about ideas.  In today’s technology-driven, and technology-challenged, sales environment, it’s more critical than ever that salespeople know how to create meaningful dialogue with their customers and prospects that builds real, marketable relationships.  You simply can’t do that with a training model that is focused on old-world techniques designed to manipulate customers and generate simple transactions.

In today’s world, customers have the option of eliminating the salesperson altogether if they so choose.  That’s why salespeople today must earn their place in the customer’s buying process.  Forget what you’ve learned over the years from old-style sales training; today’s salesperson must generate positive results on every meeting with their customers.  You can only do that by having the deepest of dialogues with your customers – and that’s my specialty.

Sell Like You Mean It!™ with my proven model:

70% of all salespeople who leave their jobs within the first year cite “inadequate training” as the reason for their dissatisfaction. America’s largest and most successful companies have structured training as part of their sales hiring and development process. Shouldn’t yours? We can help. My Sell Like You Mean It!™ training model has been proven successful across industries and markets –and can help your company succeed! I can offer group or one-on-one training sessions that will give your team the knowledge to beat your competition, time after time! Learn More about Basic Sales Training.

Customize Your Sales Training:

Making the best even better, my Customized Sales Training tailors the concepts in my Sell Like You Mean It™ model to your company, your industry, and your competition! I actually work in-house with you and your people to make the training system yours. Consultants that only “wholesale” other selling systems can’t offer this service. Because I only sell my own system, we can! Shouldn’t you have the best? Combine this training with a personalized 90-day follow up system to ensure that lessons are learned for maximum effectiveness. Learn More about Customized Sales Training.

Sales Management Training:

One of the biggest mistakes made in sales is the assumption that good salespeople automatically know how to be good sales managers. In fact, sales management is a unique and challenging discipline with skills and needs all its own. My Manage Like You Mean It!™ sales management training employs a “train the trainer” methodology by beginning with my Basic or Customized Sales Training. Then, I train your manager(s) in the techniques that build powerful and productive sales teams. Learn More about Sales Management Training.

The Top Four Reasons to Sell Like You Mean It!™ with SalesForce Solutions:

1. Other systems tell salespeople what to say. I teach salespeople how to think about what to say. All sales are not created equal. Other training systems fail to recognize this, however. They give salespeople a technique-heavy system that is dependent upon asking rote questions and making rote statements. This type of training tends to be forgotten quickly, and is ineffective in many selling situations. I’m different. Sell Like You Mean It!™ teaches salespeople how to think and understand their own selling environment, and how to organize their questions and thoughts around selling objectives and ideas. The result is that salespeople are able to create their own questions, personal commercials, and positioning statements “on the fly” in front of customers. This results in a more natural and meaningful dialogue–which creates more sales!

2. Sell Like You Mean It!™ is a progressive learning system: Beware of sales training that consists of classes that can be taken at any time, in any random order. Initially, this may sound beneficial and convenient. In practice, however, students report that classes must be taken multiple times in order to understand simple concepts and terminology. Sell Like You Mean It!™ is progressive. That means that skills are first taught, then used, then applied, in a logical order. This greatly increases retention, so your people get the most out of the training the first time.

3. Sell Like You Mean It!™ can be customized: All sales aren’t the same, and all selling environments aren’t the same. However, salespeople tend to get the most out of training when the trainer is “speaking their language.” Because of this, I offer customization of the basic Sell Like You Mean It!™ sales school, which can greatly increase the effectiveness of your training time. Other programs may claim the ability to customize, but fail to put out the effort required to do it. SalesForce Solutions will, and we really can customize your program!

4. Advanced courses are available: Sell Like You Mean It!™ is a training system that is designed to make star players of your salespeople on the first time through. After your salespeople use and master the skills in the basic Sell Like You Mean It!™ course, you may want to take advantage of our Advanced courses–they take Sell Like You Mean It!™ to the next level.

Sales Consulting Services

Sales Force Overhaul

Our most in-depth Solution, the Sales Force Overhaul is designed for companies that are making investments in their sales staff, but believe that their system is lacking and the results are missing. Over a period of time, we work with you and your sales staff to evaluate your people and processes. Then we make recommendations and assist you in fixing what’s broken and strengthening your positives. See our dedicated Sales Force Overhaul page.

Sales Process Setup

America’s best sales forces all have one thing in common: they use a highly developed sales process that structures and quantifies the process of customer acquisition, retention, and development. Without a structured sales process that is developed specifically for your company, you could be taking a back seat to your competitors. We’ll work with you to learn your company’s sales cycle and product/service distribution system. Then we’ll create a sales process tailored to your business–and train your people to use it.

Personnel Evaluation and Development

You depend on your salespeople for growth and profitability. Shouldn’t you make sure that you have the right people in the right positions–and the right development plan for them? We’ll start by working with you to develop “Tools and Skills” profiles for each position on your sales force. Then, by conducting a series of interviews and tests, we’ll create our proprietary Sales Scouting Report™for each member of your sales team. We’ll add our own Personnel Development and Training Plan for each member to use his/her Tools and Skills to the fullest. You’ll know which people are in the right positions for maximum productivity–and which ones aren’t. Combine this with 90-day follow up sessions to fine-tune your sales team for maximum performance!

Sales Meetings

If your sales meetings have lost their punch, why not bring us in to run your meetings? Your salespeople will be engaged and challenged during meetings that are truly worth having–and we can help you develop long-term meeting plans. Sales contest planning and administration can be part of the package, too.

Sales Compensation Plan Analysis and Creation

Your sales team’s compensation plan should create incentives for maximum achievement while assuring profitability and a reasonable cost of sales. Unfortunately, many plans fall short. We can help. We’ll research your industry and geographic market to understand where your compensation plan falls. We’ll analyze your sales team’s contribution to profitability on a person-by-person basis, and use this information to recommend a compensation plan that will help you to attract the right people, while keeping your cost of sales down.

Sales Startup Plan

Are you starting a new company or line of business, and need help building your team? We can help. We’ll interview you to determine your needs and future growth plans in order to plan your new sales force. We’ll create Sales Rep Profitability Analysis, activity standards, and growth plans. We’ll work closely with you to develop a sales process that works. Then, we’ll develop a Personnel Profile for each team member. We can recruit your team for you, and even develop Customized Sales Training to get you started off right!

Sales Troubleshooting

Your company and situation are unique, and sometimes your needs don’t fall into a neat category. At Sales Force Solutions, we understand and want to help. That’s why we’re available for general troubleshooting sessions. If your sales team isn’t as productive as it should be, or if you have one struggling person, or you just need some help in getting your company to the next level, don’t worry. We can help. Just get in touch with us, and ask for our FREE initial consultation.

Also, check out our proprietary Sales Management on Demand service.

If you don’t see a service listed that you need, please give us a call at 913-645-6304. Consulting is customized to your needs, and it would be impossible to list everything we do on our website.