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Do You Need A Speaker for Your Event or Meeting?

Choosing your speaker is the crucial decision made when planning your meeting.  I understand this, and that’s why companies and meeting planners all over the country are selecting me to make their meetings exciting, topical, and educational!  I say, “Motivational speaking is great – but I prefer to teach people something they can use.  Motivation lasts an hour, education lasts a lifetime!”


KEYNOTE Program: Win It Easy or Come In Fourth, Lessons in Business and Life From My Dad, the Race Car Driver

Sometimes the most important lessons come when you’re not even looking for them.  My dad was my hero, and he taught me many, many lessons about life and business – they just came within the context of racing stock cars together.  Dad passed away in 2015, but his lessons will live with me forever – and now I want to share them with you.  In this one hour, you’ll experience fundamentals that will help you build the kind of environment and culture that makes for a successful business – and we’ll have a little fun, too. 

Sales Management Programs:

  • Smart Sales Hiring – You can’t get the right results with the wrong people. This program teaches the tools and techniques I have used to generate over an 80% win rate in hiring salespeople and sales managers.
  • #DotheHUSTLE – Success in today’s selling environment means that you have to update the time-tested fundamental selling techniques, while evolving to include new skills where necessary.  That requires a six-point plan that we call the “HUSTLE.”
  • The Unconventional Secrets of Getting the Most out of Your Salespeople – Too many managers believe that sales management is simply a process of hiring, firing, discipline, and activity counting.  However, the path to maximum performance lies in your sales manager’s ability to positively change the behavior of his or her salespeople.
  • Troubleshoot and Coach Sales Performance – In this program, we get into the nuts and bolts of how to diagnose sales problems from a qualitative and quantitative perspective and have meaningful coaching sessions with your salespeople.
  • Managing Engaged Salespeople – The best performance comes from salespeople who are engaged in their work – the ones you don’t have to prod and motivate to do the job.  However, recent surveys show that only about one of every four salespeople is engaged.  This program shows how to engage salespeople from the start, keep them that way, and re-engage disengaged salespeople.
  • I Just Hired a Salesperson – Now What?  Onboarding For Sales Success – The first ninety days after you hire a salesperson will determine their chances of success, so don’t shortcut the onboarding period!  In this program, I’ll teach how to build an onboarding program that works and monitor your salesperson’s progress.

Professional Selling Skills Programs:

  • Ask the Right Questions. Deliver Exactly What Your Buyer Wants – 80% of the chance to win the sale is determined by the time the last question is asked. This program gives the tools to win the sale and build a stronger relationship.
  • Stick Your Phone in the Freezer; How to fall in love with cold calling and other ways to prospect – Prospecting used to be simple; it’s not anymore. In this program I’ll mix data driven teleprospecting, social media, and other techniques to build an integrated prospect generation system that works in today’s world.
  • Name Your Price – and Get It! – Salespeople are their own worst enemies when it comes to price and profit. I show how to protect your profit through the proper price-selling techniques.
  • Make Your Net Work – Face to face networking is nearly becoming a lost art; too many people regard social media as all the networking they need.  Real relationships that bring real referrals still include face to face networking.  This program will teach how to optimize face to face networking and use social media to maximize your face to face relationships.
  • I Just Got Hired – What Now? How to Launch Your New Sales Job – The first ninety days are a huge determining factor of your sales success.  Designed for new hires and those who manage them, this program will serve as a guide to long term success.
  • Hippies and Hipsters: Sales Team Success Across the Generations – If there’s any constant in selling, it’s change.  From Boomers to Gen-X to Gen-Y to Millennials to Gen-Z, every generation has their own unique tendencies and traits, and preferences in communication. What doesn’t change is the need for your company’s objectives to be met.  In this program, we’ll help different generations learn to communicate with each other and win in selling.
  • Storyselling, Parts One, Two, and Three: To Thine Own Self Be True, Take the Money and Run, and Your Hero’s Journey – If you really want to elevate your selling game, you need to learn the art and skill of Storyselling.  Using story as a way to connect, engage, and sell your customers will greatly increase pull-through in every part of your sales funnel, and this three-program series will teach you how.

I can also work with you to develop custom programs that are directly targeted to your members’ environment and learning objectives.

There are many more topics on selling, sales management, and leadership available. I can do Keynote sessions as well as Breakouts, and Sales Meetings. I tailor my program to YOU, your audience, your needs, and your environment!  With me, you get more than a “speaker in a box;” you get a real partner in making your meeting successful.

I work nationwide.  I also have a limited amount of pro-bono opportunities for nonprofit business groups in the Kansas City area.

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