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There are several reasons meeting planners, associations, sales managers, and CEO’s from across the country have been adding me to their agendas for over 13 years. I have a talent for speaking and entertaining a crowd; I have fun on stage – and my audiences have fun listening. That means attendee satisfaction.  I never “pitch from the podium”; I’m there to help and educate my audience, not to sell products.  I find that tactic odious.  Finally, my secrets to workshop success is that I always make sure that my programs are filled with actionable take-aways that a participant can implement the next day – to save them time, build their team, or make them money!  I always say, “Motivational speaking is great – but I prefer to teach people something they can implement.  Motivation lasts an hour, education lasts a lifetime!”


KEYNOTE Program: Win It Easy or Come In Fourth, Lessons in Business and Life From My Dad, the Race Car Driver

Sometimes the most important lessons come when you’re not even looking for them.  My dad was my hero, and he taught me many, many lessons about life and business – they just came within the context of racing stock cars together.  Dad passed away in 2015, but his lessons will live with me forever – and now I want to share them with you.  In this one hour, you’ll experience fundamentals that will help you build the kind of environment and culture that makes for a successful business – and we’ll have a little fun, too.

Sales Management Programs:

  • Smart Sales Hiring – You can’t get the right results with the wrong people. This program teaches the tools and techniques I have used to generate over an 80% win rate in hiring salespeople and sales managers.
  • #NoCustomerEver: How Salespeople Annoy Customers Every Day, and How to Stop – Whether we like to admit it or not, salespeople can be an irritant to customers. Some ways are obvious, and some aren’t – or have become an old habit. In this program, I’ll expose many of the things that “no customer ever” has liked, and show alternative strategies that keep sales momentum going.
  • The Navigating Sales Management Series: Excellence in sales management requires many skills beyond Smart Sales Hiring. Onboarding, salesperson Engagement, and ongoing Coaching are critical skills. To help you build those skills in your attendees, I’ve created the three-part Navigating Sales Management series. They can be done ala carte in individual one-hour programs, or as a half-day workshop encompassing all three programs, plus some bonus material that ties it all together.
    • PART ONE: I Just Hired a Salesperson – Now What?  Onboarding For Sales Success – The first ninety days after you hire a salesperson will determine their chances of success, so don’t shortcut the onboarding period!  In this program, I’ll teach how to build an onboarding program that works and monitor your salesperson’s progress.
    • PART TWO: Managing Engaged Salespeople – The best performance comes from salespeople who are engaged in their work – the ones you don’t have to prod and motivate to do the job.  However, recent surveys show that only about one of every four salespeople is engaged.  This program shows how to engage salespeople from the start, keep them that way, and re-engage disengaged salespeople.
    • PART THREE: Troubleshoot and Coach Sales Performance – The Sales Manager’s opportunity to be a difference-maker in the lives and careers of his salespeople is greatly determined by his or her coaching ability. In this program, we get into the nuts and bolts of how to diagnose sales problems from a qualitative and quantitative perspective and have meaningful coaching sessions with your salespeople.

Professional Selling Skills Programs:

  • Ask the Right Questions. Deliver Exactly What Your Buyer Wants – 80% of the chance to win the sale is determined by the time the last question is asked. This program gives the tools to win the sale and build a stronger relationship.
  • Stick Your Phone in the Freezer; How to fall in love with cold calling and other ways to prospect – Prospecting used to be simple; it’s not anymore. In this program I’ll mix data driven teleprospecting, social media, and other techniques to build an integrated prospect generation system that works in today’s world.
  • Desperate Disaster; How to Avoid the Bad Business That Comes From Desperation Selling – It can happen to the best of us.  We are rolling along and then, poof!  Something happens in the marketplace.  Our opportunities have dried up and we will literally do ANYTHING to get that next customer – or keep the one we have, even if it’s bad business.  How do I know?  Because it happened to me, and it’s happened to my clients.  Moving away from desperation selling isn’t easy; it’s hard.  But if you do it right, you can end up in a far stronger position than you were before.  In this program, I’ll show you how.
  • The Storyselling Series: Today’s sales environment places a different burden on salespeople; we have to find new ways of demonstrating and proving our value to our customers beyond knowing our products and providing good service. We must educate, we must differentiate, and we must, yes, entertain. That’s where the Storyselling Series comes in – this will elevate your selling game! This is a three-part series that can be done ala carte in one-hour programs, or as one half-day program with extra material.
    • Part One – To Thine Own Self Be True – Today, customers can buy anything in an impersonal fashion – which is why it’s more important to differentiate and personalize your selling approach. In this program, I’ll demonstrate why your own personal story matters to your customers, how to create and tell it, and how to create sales impact with it.
    • Part Two – Take the Money and Run – Your company has a story – and within this story lies value to your customers. In this program, we’ll get beyond that oh-so-dry “company history” that bores your customers, and create a short, impactful story that is meaningful and creates value to your customers, as well as differentiating you from your competitors.
    • Part Three – Your Hero’s Journey – You’re a hero. You may or may not know it, but you are a hero to your customers. The problem is that most of your customers don’t know it, nor do your prospects. Being able to tell success stories, from your customer’s point of view, is incredibly important to winning new business. This program will teach you a process and technique that will differentiate you from your competitors!

Need a sales or management topic that I haven’t covered here? Let’s start with a clean sheet of paper and your needs. I will work with you to develop custom programming that is directly targeted to your members’ environment and learning objectives.

Troy is the best! We connected and I immediately sought his help bringing his guidance on Smart Sales Hiring to my Vistage group of CEO peers. Timing prevented him traveling to New England; so we did the 3 hour program by videoconference. It was fabulous! The group wants to follow-up with him individually and I know each will reap tremendous value by working with him directly. Solid, actionable process for avoiding bad hiring decisions: his track record tells it all!” – Harry Pape, Vistage International

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