Smooth Sailing Coaching Programs

No professional athlete has ever achieved greatness without collaboration with an equally skilled and passionate coach. In the same way, for long-term sales force development success, coaching can be essential to achieving your goals.  I can help you focus and direct your efforts, streamlining product knowledge, creating fruitful lead generation, and putting the right processes and people in place.  Together, we will weather the elements of building a high-performance sales team.

All programs are based on an annual contract. Why? Because while they do include individual, autonomous activities, like my Sales Force Audit, or my Salary Calculator, their success is built on the group and one-on-one skills coaching. Our time together will allow us to use real-world feedback to help develop and refine abilities, leading to exceeded goals. Building a high-performance sales team is a project requiring a long term commitment from both of us – and the annual contract is the best fit.

While each Smooth Sailing Coaching Program will be tailored specifically to your needs, your goals, and your skills, I’m confident one of the following packages would be the perfect starting point for any team.

BRONZE PACKAGE  – $4000/month for 1 year.

  • The Kick-Off Sales Audit
  • 24-hour response to questions or inquiries from designated contacts
  • BiWeekly Coaching Sessions: Via Zoom, these one- to two- hour calls allow for one-on-one collaboration with team members and group skills training.
  • 2-days on-site training: We can designate this training as Sales Training, Sales Management Training, or any combination that is the best fit.
  • Quarterly Progress reports to upper management

SILVER PACKAGE – $6000/month for 1 year.

There is more to successful selling than just the process.  At this level, we incorporate additional Branding, Social Media, and Outreach Skills Training.  To the Bronze package, we add:

  • Biweekly Coaching Sessions
  • A complete Web and Social Media Audit designed to show you what opportunities exist in maximizing your social media presence and optimizing your Web presence to attract and convert more customers. Deliverable is a complete recommendations report.
  • One professionally written article, per month, at least 800 words, for your blog. This will be designed to inform, educate, and attract potential and current customers to your business.
  • My Custom Question Kit
  • One additional on-site coaching/training day.
  • A half-day social media training program for your salespeople and/or managers.

GOLD PACKAGE – $10,000/month for 1 year.
The most comprehensive sales force development option available. The Gold Package builds on all the aspects of the Bronze and Silver Packages, AND adds Training and Hiring Assistance.  To the Silver package, we add:

  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Salary Calculator Review – your Compass to the proper sales compensation
  • A private Facebook group, monitored by Troy and his team, to act as a hands-on resource for brainstorming and problem solving in-between coaching calls.
  • One-day Smart Sales Hiring training for your sales manager(s).
  • One-day Effective Outreach Training for your salespeople, covering social media, prospecting, and effective communications.
  • A two-day Foundational or Advanced sales training program, tailored to your sales environment.
  • Management of one company Social Media page (Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn), with at least 20 new posts per month, for a three-month period as a mentoring program with a designated social media manager.
  • Troy’s personal involvement in key sales or sales management hires. Includes up to three (3) Zoom interviews of candidates per month, and Troy’s personal feedback and advice on hiring decisions.

At the end of our year together, you can expect your team to perform significantly better, be better organized, managed, and staffed.  Your team will perform higher-quality sales calls, bring on more prospects, have a higher close rate, and generate more annual profit growth.

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