Hiring Assistance Programs

It’s impossible to get the right results with the wrong people. I offer two different Hiring Assistance Programs – the Basic “Navigator Level” and the Deluxe “Captain Level.”

The “Navigator Level” Hiring Assistance program is designed specifically for those situations where extra guidance and expertise can make a big difference in the quality of the hire.  This allows you to take advantage of, and learn, the process that’s generated over an 83% success rate in hiring salespeople – but in a much more budget-friendly fashion than a full Retained Search recruiting program.  This program involves us working together to generate the right hire for YOUR organization and needs.  Here are the steps involved.  I will:

  1. Review and analyze sales plan and compensation plan, make recommendations for change as necessary.
  2. Survey open competitive sales positions to assess our market competitiveness.
  3. Design the salesperson on paper including Job Match Profile for Profiles Sales Assessment.
  4. Write the ad.  Instruct where to place the ad.
  5. Train you (or who you designate) on my Phone Screen.  I’ll begin sending you my Smart Sales Hiring workbook at this point.
  6. Train on my resume’ screening process; review each resume in concert with you to make sure we are including and excluding the right candidates.
  7. Train on my resume’ focused interview process.  Pre-advise on first interviews as needed (suggest questions, areas to probe, etc.), review and suggest on post-interview notes.
  8. Connect with my due diligence provider.  Train you on my reference checking process; review as needed.
  9. Travel to your location to perform 2nd Behavioral Interviews on-site, with you, at your office.  The interviews should be grouped together over a 1-2 day period to facilitate this.
  • Provide up to 4 Profiles Sales Assessments (built into program price, $195 each value), to lock in traits.
  • Assist with Offer Letter.
  • Assist with final hiring decision.

At the end of this process, not only will you have a new hire, you will have been trained in my hiring process, with a workbook/hiring manual to help guide you in future hires.

The “Captain Level” Hiring Assistance Program is a full Retained-Search Recruiting Program. I use a process that has been proven over a fifteen year period.  This process has produced President’s Club winners, time after time!  We work with you to develop the correct salesperson profile, and then execute our process to produce the salesperson that you need, when you need them.

Retainer recruiting is our model—it correctly aligns the interests of the client and the recruiter, and is the best model for making the best hires.

Step One:  Design the Salesperson on Paper.  We work with you to develop the target salesperson profile, identify the traits and skills needed for success in your industry, and we even review the sales plan and compensation policy to optimize your hire for success.

Step Two: Build the Candidate Pool.  Using advertising, networking, and other outreach techniques, we build a large candidate pool to have the maximum chance of the best possible hire for you.

Step Three:  Phone Screen.  After candidates have been selected, we use a quick, 4-question phone screen to pre-qualify candidates.

Step Four:  Resume’ Focused Interview:  Using specific questioning techniques to verify resume’ claims, career history, and accomplishments.  Eliminate candidates as necessary.

Step Five:  Due Diligence.  Verify candidate backgrounds, conduct criminal background checks.  Review candidates’ social media.

Step Six:  Behavioral Interviewing.  Behavioral interviews are very in-depth, intense, and specific.  Using information about desired candidate behaviors and traits, specific interview questions are developed to reveal job fit with the client’s position.

Step Seven:  Conduct Profile PSA Assessments.  As a final verification step, Profile Sales Assessments are conducted on finalist candidates.  Inappropriate candidates are eliminated, finalists decided on, and then forwarded to Client.

Step Eight:  Client Interviews Finalists.  Client interviews final candidates, and THI assists in final decision.

THI Guarantees Salesperson Performance for 90 days; if the salesperson quits or is terminated for any reason during the first 90 days, THI will replace at THI’s expense.

Whichever program you choose, you can make the hire with the confidence of knowing that you are working with one of the foremost experts in hiring sales personnel. Need a more comprehensive solution?  Build Hiring Assistance into one of our Smooth Sailing Coaching Programs for an all-encompassing approach to building your sales force!

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