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Sales Assessments by The Sales Navigator

Building a successful sales force isn’t something that just happens – it’s a well planned and thought out process.  If you’re not having the results you’d like to have – or even if you’d just like to do better – why not have The Sales Navigator take a look at your sales force?  Below are some of the most popular Sales Assessments that we offer:


The Sales Force Audit is a full diagnostic, or “check up,” on your sales program.  I will evaluate your people and your sales processes against your goals and targets, and show you what needs to be changed to achieve your goals.  The final deliverable is a full report including a SWOT analysis on your sales force, recommendations for all parts of your sales management processes including Compensation, Activity metrics, quotas, sales process, CRM, and other issues that affect your company’s sales performance.  This can also be used as a Sales Planning program to start or build a sales force.


Your compensation plan can be a key to your sales success – or it can be a millstone.  It’s not just WHAT you pay, it’s HOW and WHEN you pay it.  The hiring marketplace is changing.  The sales profession is changing.  Preferences of salespeople are changing.  If your comp plan isn’t changing with it, you might be getting left behind.  I’ll keep you up to date.  Using my Sales Compensation Profitability Analyzer, I’ll help you create a compensation plan that motivates your existing salespeople, helps you compete in the hiring marketplace, and still allows for you to have healthy profits.  If you’re hiring your first salesperson, this is a MUST!


The most critical time in a new sales hire is the first 90 days after the hire is made.  During that time, you will be making a crucial decision:  Is this person right for the job?  What you don’t know is that the salesperson will also be making a crucial decision:  Is this the right job for me?  Here’s the dirty secret – while you’ll take 90 days to make your decision, the salesperson will make theirs in about 30.  That means that you’ll wind up funding their job search.  Don’t let this happen.  The right onboarding program and plan for the first 90 days of the salesperson’s employment will position your new person for success, motivate them, and ensure that they are delighted with the decision they’ve made to work for you. You worked hard to hire – don’t lose the game before it even starts!

What’s your problem?

While the above sales assessments  are the most popular and common that we do, we get it. Sometimes the issues confronting you don’t fit into a neat little box, or a predesigned program.  That’s not a problem – we can help there, too.  What’s keeping YOU from having the results you want?  Fill out the form below and let’s figure out how we can fix it together.