Sell Like You Mean It! Book

Troy Harrison's NEW book,
Sell Like You Mean It!
is the only guide to selling you'll ever need!

Entrepreneur and sales trainer Troy Harrison gives you the tools to

  • Quit selling from FEAR and give your customers positive reasons to buy from you
  • Understand WHY and HOW customers buy
  • Establish trust and MUTUAL respect with your customers
  • Know the roles and the rules of WINNING the selling debate
  • Move away from empty, scripted words and phrases and toward your OWN selling language
  • Align your "Selling process" with the prospects "buying process"
  • Turn an initial order into a relationship that will last a lifetime
  • Diagnose slumps, earn referrals, self-motivate, and manage your sales career.

With over seventeen years of experience in winning sales and building winning sales teams, Troy Harrison is changing the way business owners and sales managers look at selling.

Troy has helped companies grow their sales and profits for over 20 years.. His proven techniques have finally been collected into one volume.

You can stop selling fear, and
Sell Like You Mean It!

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Sell Like You Mean It! Book

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