Smart Sales Hiring Audio Training Package

The toughest aspect of building a quality sales force, for many businesses, is hiring salespeople.  That's why, for ten years, I recruited salespeople on a retainer basis, charging fees of $15,000 and up.  I don't do that anymore - time just doesn't allow it.  But I didn't want the techniques and tools I'd developed (and that gave me over an 80% hiring success ratio) to just die.  So I packaged them up for you in an audio course.  This is my full method, process, tools and techniques - NOTHING IS HELD BACK.  You can recruit just like I did, and have similar success rates IF you follow this program!

This program is an easy-to-use audio training program, on three audio CD's with one data disc.  This program will help you make better hires, find the right people, and build a stronger sales force!

In this program, I teach you my entire process and show the tools that I use.  Here's what is taught:

  1. Developing Your Hiring Process
  2. Building a Large Candidate Pool
  3. Writing a Marketing Focused Ad
  4. Ten Second Resume' Screening
  5. The Quick Phone Screen
  6. The Resume-Focused Interview - Is Your Candidate What He/She Says They Are?
  7. Due Diligence - Checking the Background
  8. Behavioral Interviewing - The Secret Weapon
  9. Using a Profile Assessment
  10. Making the Offer
  11. Success After the Hire - Quality Onboarding
  12. And more!

Here's what the numbers look like:

Cost of a Bad Sales Hire:               $25,000 Minimum

Cost for me to recruit:                       $15,000 Minimum - AND THAT'S NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE!

2Investment in this Program:          $298.00

It's a no-brainer, don't you think?

Smart Sales Hiring Audio Training Package

Price: $298.00


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