The Sales Strategy Review

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Are you: A business owner, manager, President, CEO, or key manager of a company that is wanting to sell more, make more money, get more customers, or build better and stronger customer relationships?

What if – you could access the Sales Navigator for an hour? Not in a group environment, or in a recorded environment, but in a one on one call that’s geared strictly to giving YOU advice tailored to YOUR specific needs, with no sales pitch or obligation?

If that describes you, I’d like to help. I help businesspeople like you by offering a service to business owners, Presidents, CEO’s, and key managers that I call the Sales Strategy Review call. The call takes about an hour or so, and it’s designed, in a structured way, for those people to access my expertise in building a better and stronger sales team.

What the Sales Strategy Review is: The Sales Strategy Review call is an opportunity for those business owners and managers noted above to gain key actionable recommendations (usually 2-3) and feedback on key issues of their sales program, including:

  • Target customers
  • Sales management metrics
  • CRM
  • Sales compensation
  • Goals
  • Sales Process
  • And more!

What the Sales Strategy Review Call is not: This call is not a sales pitch for me or for my services. My goal is to give every Sales Strategy Review participant two or three recommendations during the call that they can act on, independently of me. Now – if there is a reason for us to work together, I’ll tell you, and that can be the subject of a future call, but the recommendations are not contingent upon you spending a dime with me.

Why I do this: I do this for several reasons. First, I enjoy these calls. They are fun for me, and I’d like to do more of them. Second, I like helping business owners thrive. I have been doing them long enough now that I have people coming up to me at conventions or calling me and telling me how much the review helped them – and many of those people have never spent a dime with me. Third, it builds my business network, which is always a positive. And finally, yes, I’ve had clients that occasionally came from these calls.

Who should book a Sales Strategy Review: The Sales Strategy Review call is ideal for those business owners, Presidents, CEOs, VPs of Sales, or other key managers who have supervision over and responsibility for their company’s sales efforts, and would like some outside feedback and ideas regarding how they can do it better.

What does it cost? Nothing. Nada. Zero. If you are one of the people named above, the Sales Strategy Review is a completely complimentary service with no obligation.

Click HERE to book your Sales Strategy Review!