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How to Retain Customers – The Very Best Way

Time for another “renewing an old post” post.  This one is even more important now, given the challenges of 2020; for many of us, retaining our customers is our lifeblood.

We talk a lot about how to retain customers, and I address it in my sales training.  Basically, there are three things that every business must do in order to build and maintain a customer base:

  1.  Sell NEW business through prospecting.
  2.  Develop current customers into better customers through selling them more products/services.
  3. Hang onto your current customers (retain them).

Too many salespeople and sales managers think that those are three separate and distinct activities; in fact, some companies have them performed by three separate people.  They shouldn’t.  Sales relationships tend to be formed at a single point of contact.

Retaining your customers depends upon meaningful dialogue. In this video, I show how to retain customers by having that meaningful dialogue.

Side note – I just realized that, not only do I still have the shirt I was wearing when I made this video in 2014, I’m WEARING it right now!  Good old Brooks Brothers USA-made shirts – it still looks like brand new!

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