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The Best Ways to Keep Your Remote Team Happy and Motivated

When implemented correctly, remote working can benefit your employees. A better work-life balance, an increase in productivity, and greater work flexibility are just some of the many perks that remote working can provide your team. But despite these benefits, remote workers are still prone to feeling isolated and less motivated. In fact, a study by Emotive Technologies notes that employees who work remotely are nearly two times less engaged than their office-based counterparts. This decrease in engagement rates is due in part to poor communication, a lack of coordination, and virtual fatigue.

If you are managing a remote team and are struggling to keep them happy and motivated, don’t fret! In this post, we’ll discuss the best ways to engage and uplift your remote team.

Foster a culture of connectedness

As we’ve mentioned, remote workers are prone to feeling lonely and isolated. Because of this, you should try to facilitate genuine connections between your remote employees. This also means recognizing that your employees are more than just your workers and have unique interests, ideas, and backgrounds. To create a virtual space where your employees feel safe in sharing their experiences and authentic selves, be sure to hold regular check-ins where you can have a light-hearted conversation and catch up with your remote employee.

In addition, weekly virtual town halls where they can nurture a meaningful relationship with their coworkers can also help. Business resource IdeasPlusBusiness.com highlights how icebreaker activities, Q&A sessions, and games can make your town halls more exciting and engaging. By fostering a culture centered on connectedness, you can offer emotional support to your remote employees and prevent them from feeling disengaged and unproductive.

Help them stay on top of their finances

Your employees’ financial woes can affect their performance at work. An employee financial wellness survey by PwC highlights how finances are the leading cause of employee stress. If you fail to help your remote employees get their finances in order, their financial anxieties can impact their productivity and your business outcomes.

This is why it’s important to offer a financial wellness program at work, which can help your employees gain financial literacy and stability. Your financial wellness program should include guidance on how they can manage their own money and find financial independence down the line. For one, your program should point them to money and investing resources for additional reading. AskMoney.com, which has insightful articles on investing, budgeting, and loans, is a perfect example of a website that can help educate your employees on achieving financial stability. In addition, you should also employ the services of a trusted financial advisor to offer financial coaching and behavioral management to your employees. By doing this, it can help your remote employees squash their financial anxieties and focus on their tasks at work.

Send thoughtful care packages

Don’t let distance prevent you from giving your remote employees a token of your appreciation. Sending care packages can show your employees that you care about their wellbeing and mental health, which will help boost workplace happiness and engagement rates. In a time where a lot of companies are experiencing high turnover rates, it’s advisable that you keep your remote employees content by sending carefully curated care packages. The packages should include things like trinkets and items that your employees will appreciate. If you’re too wrapped up with work, you can contact a small business that can organize corporate care packages and gift boxes for you.

The tips we’ve listed above can help to improve motivation and boost your remote employees’ happiness. For more sales coaching and management insights, be sure to have a look at our other posts here on TroyHarrison.com. And if you have any other tips on how to keep your remote team engaged, feel free to leave your comments below.