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Three Interview Questions You Must Ask Salespeople

In my career, I have interviewed thousands of salespeople.  Some interviews were great, some were good, and let’s be honest, some were really bad.  When you do that much of anything, you tend to get pretty good at it.  That’s how I developed these three interview questions.

I discovered a long time ago that some of the most important traits for salespeople could be discovered with three quick questions that opened the interview, and that’s what this video is all about.

I should not that I’m not talking about things like lateness (don’t EVER interview a salesperson who shows up late), improper dress, bad manners, etc.  Those things really go without saying.  But, there are deeper characteristics that you need to discover, and with three interview questions, you can find some of the most important ones.

One final note here.  It’s been said that how someone behaves on an interview is a reflection of how they will behave on a sales call.  NOPE.  It’s a reflection of the BEST CASE SCENARIO of how they will behave on a sales call.  And that’s where these three interview questions come in.

Oh, and if you’re hiring, you might want to watch this video about onboarding, as well.