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Troy Harrison to speak at PPAI Expo, Las Vegas, January 10-11!

I’m excited to announce that PPAI has booked me to return to their Expo in Las Vegas in 2016!  The PPAI Expo is the biggest event in the Promotional Products industry, and I had a great experience speaking there last year.  Returning this year is going to be even better!  I’ll be presenting three programs:

Sunday, January 10, 3:10 PM:  “21st Century Prospecting” will show attendees how to blend proven techniques with new technology to generate a flow of new prospects and new business.

Monday, January 11, 8:00 AM:  “Ask the Right Questions to Win More Sales” is a repeat from 2015, due to popular demand.  This one completely filled up last year, so if you’re going to be there this year, get to the room early!  I’ll show a comprehensive questioning model that will win more sales!

Monday, January 11, 9:20 AM:  “Name Your Price and Get It!” is a program that will help salespeople deal with one of their toughest issues – PRICE.  Attend this session and learn how to protect your profit!

If you’re in the Promotional Products industry, you need to be there!  I’ll see you in Vegas!

Troy Harrison to Present “Value Added Selling” at DocuWorld USA, Las Vegas, May 5-6, 2016!

I’m very excited, because DocuWare has signed to bring me back to their United States dealer convention, DocuWorld USA, in 2016!  This year, instead of delivering a one-hour keynote speech, I’ll be presenting a four-hour training program on “Value Added Selling” to help reps build more value through their questioning, presentations, and closing!  Docuware is the world’s leader in document management software.  If you’re in the office technology business, you should be in business with them.  Learn more at www.docuware.com.

Troy Harrison to Train at DocuWorld Europe, Mallorca, Spain

This is one I’m particularly excited about – I’ll be presenting “Value Added Selling” at DocuWorld Europe this year, in Mallorca, Spain, on April 20, 2016.   It’s presented by DocuWare, the leading provider of document management software in the world.  I’ll help attendees understand how to better build value in their sales approach, presentations, and closing – and they’ll do more business as a result!

I know that some readers of my page are European.  If you’re in Europe, interested in DocuWare or document management software, you should check this out.  Learn more at www.docuware.com.

Comfortable Customers BUY! Sales Training Boot Camp, September 23/24, Las Vegas!

It’s clear in 2015.  The old sales tactics and techniques – the manipulation, the one size fits all sales calls, the canned presentations, the donut calls – they DON’T WORK ANYMORE.  What works?  Understanding your customers.  Understanding how salespeople make them uncomfortable, and how that gets in the way of selling.  Understanding, most of all, that COMFORTABLE CUSTOMERS BUY!  In fact, comfortable customers buy – and they keep buying.  And if you’re trying to sell in today’s Internet driven sales environment, YOU MUST KNOW THE SKILLS I’LL BE TEACHING IN LAS VEGAS!

I seldom do open-enrollment sales boot camps; in fact, I haven’t done one in four years.  The demand from corporate and independent business clients keeps me hopping.  Still, I know that there’s an underserved market that needs this type of program, so I’m excited to be offering it for the first time in one of my favorite places – LAS VEGAS!

High Performance Sales Management Boot Camp – September 22, Las Vegas!

On September 22, 2015, at the beautiful Monte Carlo Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, I’m going to be hosting my first ever High Performance Sales Management Boot Camp!  You will learn MY secrets of building a high performance sales force.  They took me fifteen years to learn, and I’ll teach them to you in ONE DAY!

“I feel fortunate to have worked with Troy on several projects in my time at Skyline. He has a wealth of real world sales and management experience that he is able to translate to any industry and situation. His honest and clear approach has helped me grow significantly. Any company looking to enhance sales and/or sales management aspects of their business would be well served by working with Troy!”  – Scott Hanna, VP Sales, Skyline Heartland Displays

This program will teach you how to be a DIFFERENCE MAKER, not just an elevated salesperson or an administrator.


Troy Harrison to Speak at the S.P. Richards Advantage Business Conference, June 22/23!

This is a speaking engagement that is really big for me.  My real start as a national speaker was at the S.P. Richards Advantage Business Conference in 2010, and I’m really pumped up that they have invited me to speak at this year’s ABC in Las Vegas!  I’ll be presenting two great programs:  “Smart Sales Hiring” on June 22 and “Power Interviewing”  on June 23. There will be two sessions each day, to make sure that attendees get the maximum opportunity to get that great content!

This is the conference for key players in the office supply industry, and if you’re not registered, what are you waiting for?  Learn more here:


Troy Harrison to Speak at BTA’s “Cruise to Success,” May 7!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be presenting “The Key to Smart Sales Hiring” at the Business Technology Association’s “Cruise to Success” event on May 7, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This will be a very beneficial session for any business owner who has struggled with hiring salespeople, or even someone who already does well and wants to get better!

BTA Mid-America will host Cruise to Success, open to dealers from across the country, on May 7-8, 2015, at the Radisson Blu Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minn. This event will be a great setting to learn from industry leaders, gather new ideas and network with your peers.

The event will feature a keynote session by Rick Taylor of Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Inc., a dealer panel focused on moving into managed IT services and six additional educational sessions presented by subject-matter experts. In addition, there will be time to visit with 30-plus exhibiting sponsors, many of which will hold drawings for great prizes during the event. Dealer attendees can also enter on-site for a chance to win one of five $100 American Express gift cards and be entered into the BTA District Event Sweepstakes.

The event will wrap up from 6 to 9:30 p.m., when attendees will have dinner aboard the Anson Northrup riverboat and enjoy a Las Vegas casino-themed cruise on the Mississippi River.

If you’re in the Office Technology industry, you need to be there! For more info, visit:  http://bta.site-ym.com/?MA15.  I’ll see you there!

How to Use Social Media to Completely Screw Up Your Life

I read a lot of news sites to start my day, and one story I read this morning really had an impact:  “Ex-CFO Worker Who Berated Chick-Fil-A Now Lives On Food Stamps.”

The story is that, back when the controversy over the Chick-Fil-A CEO’s stance on gay marriage was raging in full, Adam Smith, a CFO for a medical device company in Tucscon making over $200,000 per year, decided to drive through his local Chick-Fil-A, get a free water, and then harangue the girl working the drive-through about the company’s political stance.  Now, this article isn’t about the politics of the situation.  It’s about posting on social media.  You should watch the video, however; it’s in the linked story.

Within days, Smith was canned by his employer, who claimed that bomb threats had been made.  In the three years since, his video has followed him around; once, he found another job but was fired within a week because the employer found out about the video.  Long story short, he’s still unemployed.

While Smith’s story is one that will cause varying reactions, here’s the reaction I want to create in YOU:  Don’t be a moron when you post on social media.  Here are a few thoughts:

  • First of all, if Smith wanted to make some sort of a political stance, he has a perfect right to do so.  As someone who consults with business owners on employing people from time to time, my concern is not that he made a political point, but that he arrogantly mistreated someone he perceived to be lesser than himself.  That’s a characteristic that will cause problems in any workplace.  I have a gut feeling that his company had already seen some of that internally.
  • Secondly, I honestly wonder how anyone could watch that video (before putting it on YouTube) and not realize that they were showing themselves to be a complete bodily orifice.  Before I post any of my videos on YouTube, I scrutinize them pretty carefully.  I’ve rejected videos because I looked too sweaty.  How could he not realize that he was showing an absolutely unacceptable way of treating people?  That smacks of poor judgement.
  • You can’t un-ring a bell.  He was seeking attention when he posted the video and he got it.  What he didn’t count on was that he couldn’t simply make the video go away; he of course pulled it from his own account, but by then others had reposted it.  There are dozens of iterations of his video on YouTube now.
  • What is said on the news story should be obvious – employers will search out your social media for indicators that you shouldn’t be hired.  One of my maxims is, “People will show you how they will fail.”  I’ve encountered many drug references, and other documentation of undesirable behavior on social media accounts.  “But that’s my private life,” you say.  Well, if you want to keep it private, why are you posting it on the Net for everyone to see?
  • “Freedom of speech” is one of the most misinterpreted phrases in the world today.  “Freedom of speech” only protects you against GOVERNMENT sanction for what you say.  The private consequences of your speech are yours to bear.
  • Finally, I wouldn’t advise him to show this video during job interviews, as he currently does.  However, there is one person in this video who should show it during EVERY job interview – Rachel Elizabeth, the drive through worker.  She handles a bad customer with complete class and diplomacy, and shows herself to be of good character.  If there’s a winner in this episode, it’s her.  I’ve been unable to find out what’s happened with her since the video was shot and posted, but I have a feeling that she’s probably doing better now than she was then.

The moral of the story is simple.  Take a moment to think before you hit “send.”  What seems like a good idea at the moment could literally trash your career and your life.

“The Sales Detective – Asking Great Sales Questions” Teleseminar – March 26

There is no more important element in selling – NONE – than the ability to ask good questions.

Do YOU know your customers as well as you should?

Are YOU losing sales to salespeople who do ask better questions?

Or worse, do YOU know why you’re winning or losing?

You can get help in this teleseminar!

In “The Sales Detective – Asking Great Sales Questions,” Troy Harrison lays bare the keys to asking the questions that will HELP THE CUSTOMERS TELL YOU HOW TO SELL THEM.  Customers will tell you how – IF you give them the opportunity!  You’ll learn:

  • The two types of questions that you MUST ask
  • The most important objective that drives great questions
  • How what you don’t know can hurt you
  • How to organize questions for maximum effectiveness
  • How to Drill Down
  • The very important “Catch All Question”
  • And more!

This Teleseminar will help you have incredibly productive sales conversations!  If you would like to improve your results by knowing your customers better, you need to register for this Teleseminar!  http://troyharrison.wpengine.com/products-page/events/sales-detective-asking-great-sales-questions-teleseminar-march-26/